50 Day Positive Diary



This is a 50 day diary for anyone to use, but especially for those with self esteem or confidence issues. By recording only the positive things that we do each day, it becomes an incontrovertible record that we are successful human beings. It shows that we can in fact cope well with life, and our negative thoughts are simply thoughts, and are not in fact a true reflection of who we really are.







Auntie Lizzie’s Bedroom Floor

Book Cover_Auntie Lizzie

Once upon a time there was a teenager, called Lizzie, who had the most untidy bedroom floor. Ever. Under the mattress on her bed, there was a sandwich, that had been there so long, it had become a unique life form, black, slimy and malevolent. Naturally, Auntie Lizzie does not like her room being looked at, so she keeps it locked. Until one day, her niece Erin finds the door open and ventures inside. A sudden sting on her finger shrinks her until she is tiny and leaves her frightened and alone on the bedroom floor, where she has to make new friends and fight off unexpected dangers and enemies until she discovers the real reason she is there and the terrible task that faces her.