Throughout the year I run a variety of workshops, some of them for public attendance and some for large organisations such as Vodafone and Newbury Council.

Here is a list of workshops that I can provide:

The Horrors of Communication Breakdown:

This is a 2 hour fun but intensive workshop intended to investigate 3 core principles of communication, how they work and what to do when they don’t work. Communication breakdown can paralyse relationships and destroy teams. It can cause high staff turnover and absenteeism, and even worse lead to accusations of bullying and harassment. At home, marriages can collapse. In many cases though, with the application of a few simple techniques, all these problems can be avoided or solved.

The workshop is being held on November 29th at the Oakwood Centre in Woodley. Starting 3pm.

Booking details are here:



Meditation: one hour group session to teach the value and joy of meditation.

Starting 14th July 2017: Friday night meditation. A six week course to learn meditation and how to use it whenever and wherever you may need it. Starts 7pm, finishes 8:15pm at the Oakwood Centre in Woodley. This is a fantastic course and can yield amazing results! Tickets can be purchased here:

EFT Foundation Course: a full day course in the joys of the Emotional Freedom Technique. Attending this will inspire you and teach you some amazing techniques that you can take away and use. It is a certificated course and includes membership to the Guild of Energists.

Sunday 23rd July, starting 9am at the Reading Therapy Centre, is our next EFT Foundation course day. You will learn the history and techniques of EFT, how to use to create positive mood changes, solve problems, and enhance your life permanently. You will also learn how to use it with others to help them too. Tickets can be purchased here, there is a 20% early bird discount valid until 11th July 2017:

EFT Master Practitioner Course: this is a 3 day course that will entitle you to work as an EFT Master Practitioner. It is in-depth but still fun and full of amazing techniques. It is certified by the GOE.

Usual price can vary from £450 to £495 for the 3 days

Modern Stress Management Foundation: a full day course that investigates the symptoms and causes of stress and provides solutions. It is perfect for individuals but also for organisations, or people in roles such as HR within organisations. It is a certificated course from the GOE.

Usual price £120 to £150 for the full day

Bespoke workshops are available that can last anything from one hour to one week. These can be workshops ideal for the individual and deal with specific issues such as relationship breakdowns.

They are also available for organisations and can cover issues such as Stress reduction, Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, HR, Wellbeing and so on.

Just contact me to ask for what you need.

Costs will vary depending on time and material needs.

Testimonial from Tracy Morrow after my EEFT Foundation course in 2016