Phil Gowler Portrait

Why are you here?

Maybe you are interested in learning about the range of therapies I use.

But perhaps it is because you are in emotional or physical distress. Or both.

And perhaps that distress has now become overwhelming.

I understand, you are in safe hands. Your problem is my passion. I have a range of therapies at my disposal so we can create a bespoke solution just for you.

  • I had some sessions with Phil using EFT and Timeline therapy, Phil took me to memories in my past and enabled me to take the emotion out of the memory so that it just becomes something that happened and I was able to move on easily. I had hypnotherapy before but couldn't relax with the therapist so... Read More
  • Phil puts you at ease and you feel quickly as if you are chatting to a friend. Would highly recommend.
  • Phil is a sympathetic therapist, easy to talk to and comes highly recommended by me.

Phil completely changed the way I viewed therapists. He listens attentively but also has a range of brilliant and leading-edge therapies to help overcome challenges. He has the perfect balance of being professional whilst being very human and compassionate. I felt completely at ease with him from day one. He is generous, caring and very talented. I’m very grateful to him and am so glad I found him. Thank you Phil for everything, you are second to none.

Mrs S, Wokingham. Anxiety and Relationships