The Sanctuary- Safe Place meditation

The Sanctuary is quite an amazing technique, used during EFT therapy, but it is also a stand-alone meditation technique. On Tuesday 15th March at 6.30pm, I will be holding a workshop on this at the Haven Wellbeing Hub in Wokingham.

It involves building a Safe Place in your mind. This place is uniquely yours, and you build it from scratch, allowing it to grow and adding detail as you go. It is called the Safe Place because this is where your conscious mind and unconscious meet and work together. Quite often these two parts of our mind are fighting each other, but in the Sanctuary they learn to collaborate, which is why it is Safe.

In the Sanctuary you can create anything you wish. So if you are creative, you can create a creative project, run it through and see if it will work. You can visualise situations where you wish to be successful, you can walk, run, swim…well, the possibilities are endless.

It is also a place where you can safely look at your problems, analyse them and change them so they have less importance and less effect. It is powerful and amazing.

So here is the Eventbrite link so you can book: