My favourite therapy technique: The use of Metaphor.

I use metaphor a lot. I find that it works to my strengths and my therapy style. It’s certainly not the only therapy tool I use, but it’s one that I have found to be very successful. It works, because it is a story with a purpose, and is therefore SYMBOLIC.

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My Parents- Positive and Negative

I thought I’d share this with you all, because my parents in some ways were total opposites. Just like a battery- one positive and one negative.

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Can Therapy be Fun?

Can therapy be fun? That’s an interesting question, can therapy indeed be fun. After all, therapy can be a tough place to be. You are sitting opposite someone you don’t …

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You don’t have to be a pagan to burn stuff

You don’t have to be a pagan to burn stuff. This blog follows on from my recent blog about Paganism and Wellbeing. Have you ever set fire to things …

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Wellbeing and Paganism

This blog is about a subject that has started to interest me more and more- the link between Wellbeing and Paganism. In case that statement seems odd, Paganism is the …

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My thoughts on historic abuse cases.

Historic sex abuse: some questions answered. Historic sex abuse seems to be in the news a lot these days. To the extent that people seem to be asking questions such …

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Anger Management

As a therapist I probably see around 30% of my clients for anger management issues. This is no great surprise. Life for many people these days is not easy. If …