New for this year- Positive EFT one hour courses


This year my one hour Positive EFT courses are going to continue and expand. Now why should you come to one of these courses?

Well, we cover three key topics- Positive EFT, The Heart and Soul Position and Therapeutic EFT.
Positive EFT teaches us how to create positive states of mind anytime and anywhere we need them.

  • For example when you get up and start the day you may well want to get out of bed bouncing and raring to go.
  • Or perhaps you are on your way to an interview and you want to feel confident and professional
  • Maybe you are having a test or exam today, and you want to be calm  but also focused on the challenge ahead.
  • Perhaps it is your annual review at work and this year you are determined not to be walked over by your line manager

The Heart and Soul Position allows us to create a space in our mind where we are totally safe, calm, relaxed and protected. This is an excellent technique to help with anxiety, fears, worries, stress, insomnia, and any situation where you really need to be calm, centered and relaxed.

Therapeutic EFT teaches us how to recognise the physical symptoms that come with negative emotions, and remove them using EFT techniques. Now here is the secret- Negative emotions create physical symptoms in the body. Remove the symptom and the negative emotion goes at the same time. This is not only an amazing technique to deal with negative emotions such as anger, fear, panic, anxiety, guilt, sadness, hurt, lack of self esteem and so on, it is also excellent with pain relief.

All of this in just one hour and for just £10!

What I may do in 2016 is split these hours into groups of 3 so that we can focus one each of the three techniques listed above in proper detail. So keep watching me on Facebook, Twitter and here, and on the websites of the therapy centres where I practice.