Repressed memories

Repressed Memories: Our unconscious mind tends to look after us, most of the time. Should we suffer a traumatic event that we can’t resolve, it will bury it for us so that we can carry on and live our lives normally.

But at times, the unconscious will pop the memory back up for resolution. Now this can happen when we are talking about the incident, or someone else is talking about a similar incident. But it can also happen when a very small thing makes the link straight back to that memory. This could be anything- from a song playing on the radio, a certain smell, an object, a person- almost anything.

And when that happens, suddenly all those repressed emotions come flooding back, and for no apparent reason we  find ourselves in the middle of a huge panic attack, or floods of tears, or actually reliving the event.

This is where you need to see a therapist, because these kinds of flashbacks are not good for your mental or physical help and need to be dealt with. I use Timeline© Therapy and EFT to deal with repressed memories, by going back to the memory and changing your emotional reaction to it. These therapies are very effective and can really make a difference to your life.