Bullies and forgiveness

Bullies and Forgiveness.

Not surprisingly, many people with anxiety issues, low self esteem, or worse, have negative memories of bullies at school.

When they come to me as adults, we discuss why they are allowing the memory of many years ago to control them now, they in a state of Effect, rather than Cause. In other words, they are blaming their current problems on others, rather than taking responsibility for their own thoughts.

One very good way of getting rid of this kind of influence is through Forgiveness. NLP helps us understand the behaviour of the bully and when we understand, we can forgive. A bully is a person with an aching gap in their lives, a gap that they fill with the illusion of control and power. A bully may be physically strong, but they are the weakest of all, and as they progress to adult life, that weakness may well haunt them all their lives.

Look back to the past, forgive the bully, then turn and step forwards into your future.