Cause and Effect. Which state are you in?

So what is Cause and Effect? We all have the strength and resources within us to succeed, but our negative emotional states blind us to them, and hide them away. Sometimes you need a therapist just to clear away the clutter in your mind and drag out your resources and show them to you. They’ll be there, inside you.

We must move away from this state of effect to one of CAUSE. In a state of cause, we take responsibility for our actions.

Example, you are going on holiday. You are driving, your partner is navigating. Your partner is hopeless at navigating and struggles to read a map. The drive is stressful as a result and you argue.

If you set off on your next holiday without changing anything, the same thing will happen again.


Take responsibility. Buy a Sat Nav. Problem solved!

Take control. Be in a state of CAUSE.

‘Aha!’  I hear you say. ‘But supposing I get made redundant? I can’t help that, surely?’

Well, as someone who has experienced that twice, let me just give you some food for thought:

  • In a lot of companies, it becomes evident that the company is struggling. At that point, you could start looking around for alternatives. Even if it is not evident that a company is struggling, you can still keep your eye on what is happening in other businesses.
  • Have you taken advantage of internal training courses to gain you extra skills?
  • Have you spent some time and money on gaining extra skills or even alternative skills by going to your local college, or getting qualifications through the internet?
  • Have you used your internal career progression opportunities to move on into better roles?
  • Do you believe that you have a job for life? If you do, prepare for a nasty shock, there is no such thing. CHANGE is the reality of life. It is up to you prepare for change as best as you can.

True story: I was working for a company that made 400 of us redundant. We all knew that something was probably going to happen, just didn’t know when. I was tasked with training most of the 400 in job seeking skills. However, one of those people called me to say he wasn’t coming to his training. He had spent the last year doing night classes at college and had already lined up a job as a Health and Safety Manager. He was certainly in a state of CAUSE.

So, even if you are made redundant, you could have a job lined up, or a new career ready to launch. So you are still at CAUSE, not Effect.

This also demonstrates another principle of NLP- the most flexible person will be the most successful. Because they plan for change, they accept change and they even embrace change.


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