NLP for Success workshop

On Saturday 5th March I will be running a two hour NLP for Success workshop at the Newbury Wellbeing Centre, starting 10am.

This workshop has been designed for all those people who feel that they are unable to get their message across to others. Perhaps you find that you always seem to ‘lose’ important conversations, you walk away thinking ‘I wish I’d said that’, or maybe you feel that somehow the other person has bamboozled you. Well, in truth, they probably have.

So we will investigate two principal themes from NLP, the Meta Model and Milton Model. Sounds fancy eh? But that’s just jargon, so what are these models?

The Meta Model could be described as Critical Listening. It teaches you how to spot the flaws in others logic, the false connections that they make and it allows you to challenge them. This is great in therapy, so here is one from one of my clients- ‘Everywhere I go I meet bullies.’ Really? Everywhere? And what is a bully? After challenging this statement several times, it became specific and accurate and in actual fact was ‘Sometimes my two supervisors tell me off if I make a mistake.’ There is a world of difference in that statement.

The Milton Model can also be described as Artfully Vague Language. It is a way of persuading others, and there is nothing wrong with that, if you have a need, you want people to listen and take action. So for example I can say ‘I know that you want to do a college course and learn a new skill so that you can get a better job, don’t you?’

That statement contains three Milton model techniques:

  • Mind reading: ‘I know that you want..’ (I don’t know that, I can’t read your mind)
  • False Cause and Effect: Learning a new skill is no guarantee of getting a new job.
  • Tag question: ‘Don’t you?’ It creates the answer ‘yes’ in your mind, meaning you are starting to agree with me.

Want to learn more and develop new skills? Of course you do…Here is the booking link.