Anxiety & Self Esteem solved by Timeline© Therapy and NLP 

The testimonial below is from a client who was just lacking a little in self esteem, had an anxiety issue and a long term issue with some of her relationships with other people.
I used NLP Timeline© Therapy to explore her past and the root causes of her present day issues. I also used the Circle of Excellence and SMART goal setting to replace her negative thoughts with a positive visualisation of the future.
“I just wanted to say thank you for your support and insights into both my personal and working lives over the last month. I have been successfully using the coping strategies you taught me and life seems a little easier for it.

Since our last meeting when we discussed presentations and public speaking, I have definitely been more confident and feel better prepared for doing them. I know it’s an ongoing process and it will take practice, but I can already feel an improvement.

Thank you for the session on setting goals for the business, I am well on my way to achieving them and can almost taste the glory to come.

Really and truly, thank you for your guidance and rest assured, if I meet anyone that may also benefit from meeting with you, I will make you my recommendation.”

Mrs ER, Oxfordshire

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