Life coaching can contain quite a large amount of therapy. Clients with coaching needs may have limiting beliefs that need to be examined and removed first so that they can be helped to work towards a Brilliant Future©.

So the removal part of the life coaching may well involve a strong session of Timeline therapy© to remove those limiting beliefs and blockages. We may also need to work our way out of negative thoughts and low mood, using the SUE Scale from EFT and a series of behavioural steps to increase our mood. This is a very successful technique and can be used in the future whenever it is needed.

A lot of life coaching can simply be seen almost as ‘common sense’. But this is because it is very difficult for us to stand to one side and examine our situation objectively, because we are the ones inside it. It needs a coach to look at you, listen to your story and then make those suggestions that may seem really obvious with hindsight.

Quite often life coaching can assist with career change and helping us make those big decisions with confidence. Change is not easy for many people, we can find it frightening. Sometimes change is forced upon us, such as a sudden redundancy, a bereavement, or a health crisis. I will help you learn that stability is actually not reality, change is happening all the time, sometimes without us noticing. Learning to embrace change is both liberating and exciting.

TOP TIP: When you are thinking about all the things you believe that you can’t do, ask yourself how true that belief is. Blind people have climbed mountains. Disabled people have rowed across oceans. They may have had doubts, but they never let those doubts get in their way of their belief they would succeed. So what is holding you back?


“I just wanted to say thank you for your support and insights into both my personal and working lives over the last month. I have been successfully using the coping strategies you taught me and life seems a little easier for it.

Thank you for the session on setting goals for the business, I am well on my way to achieving them and can almost taste the glory to come.

Really and truly, thank you for your guidance and rest assured, if I meet anyone that may also benefit from meeting with you, I will make you my recommendation.

Mrs E. Oxforshire

If you would like to seek professional help, please reach out to me and it would be my pleasure to help you through your problem. If you wish to book a starter therapy session over zoom, you can do so by visiting the website shop.