Men have real problems talking about their men’s health, physical health, especially their mental health. Men’s health is often seen as a ‘weakness’ or a failure. But guys, if you don’t talk about it, at best it won’t go away, at worst it will get worse. And then, the day arrives when you really do have a desperate need. So come and talk to me and we’ll see what we can do.

There is no need to be embarrassed

This is an important point. I have helped clients with addictions to sex and addictions to pornography. I have also helped clients who have huge guilt problems just because they masturbate- because they have been taught that is dirty and will make them weak. This is clearly untrue, it is in fact a very healthy thing to do.

And I have even helped a male client with PTSD from a date rape incident involving a drug. Yes, it can happen to guys too.

Men’s health and sex related issues

men's health in relationships

Men tend to suffer in silence about so many things, because they believe they must be strong, or they don’t want to be seen to be weak.

For example, erectile dysfunction. Guys are getting better at asking for help, and there are now medical remedies more easily available. Sometimes though, this problem has a psychological cause, and the Consequences for men’s health can be enormous.

Men tend to find it hard to understand when sex suddenly becomes a problem in a relationship rather than a pleasure. This is of course true of ladies as well, but men (on average) tend to equate sex and love as being two inseparable items.

Also, when it comes to sex addiction, it tends to be a predominantly male issue. It does cause men great concern and anxiety. But it is not a major problem, it is simply that sex can become an emotional crutch. If we can replace that emotional crutch with a more positive behaviour, we can free you from the burden of sex addiction.

Online issues and men’s health

A new phenomenon in recent years is that the internet has opened up huge potential for people to express themselves. This includes their sexual feelings in what they believe is a confidential and safe way. But this may not be true. There are large numbers of organised criminals out there looking to find men who are using sex sites, particularly contact sites and webcam sites.

These criminals do their best to find out everything about you that they can, and then they send the ransom email or text message. They demand money or they will send the details of your activities to your family, friends and employer.

You may think this is rare, it isn’t. It is an increasing problem and I have worked with clients to help them find the best and least painful way they can tell their loved ones what they have been doing.

Men’s health and anger issues

Anger – or even rage, fuelled by testosterone.

Do you think that the world is getting angrier these days? Anger is an increasing issue in men’s health.

We used to need testosterone back in the days when we had to hunt and kill wild animals, but in our modern age it gets in the way. Women can of course also have serious anger issues, but men tend to be the principal parties in road rage or unwanted aggression. Timeline© Therapy is excellent for resolving anger issues.

Body Image & Weight Loss

Men can struggle with body image issues and especially weight loss. Most weight loss programmes and even weight loss advertising is targeted at ladies. So when guys want to lose weight they can feel very isolated. NLP can help men lose weight and set themselves positive targets for self improvement.

Ultimately, weight loss can be the hardest habit to change, because long-term weight issues can be very much related to how we think rather than what we eat. Weight gain is a far more complex subject than many people, even medical professionals believe.

Why weight loss is not easy

This is because we have evolved to put weight on and not lose it. Think back to when we were hunter-gatherers. Anyone who lost weight quickly would die when food was in short supply. So the survivors were the ones who could hold onto their weight. Our world now is the opposite, so we now have to fight several hundred thousand years of evolution. That’s not easy.

Stress and mental health

Many men still believe they must be the main breadwinner, the support for the family. So they work hard, long hours, and take on more and more stress. Sometimes that stress becomes overpowering and unwanted behaviours and mental health illness can be the result. NLP and Hypnotherapy are excellent tools for understanding and controlling stress.

I think we all acknowledge now that men’s health can be seriously compromised by stress. When we are stressed our body produces stress hormones. One of the effects of these hormones is that we find it easier to put on weight and harder to lose it. Another is that our blood pressure rises and arteries harden.

Not sure if you believe that? In the plant world, growers know that if they put a plant under stress it grows more fruit. Why? Because the plant recognises that conditions aren’t right, so it needs to produce more fruit that contain the seeds that will fall and allow the next generation to grow. It’s a great survival mechanism.

There are even some therapists who put all mental health conditions under the heading of Stress. You can understand why, ultimately all these conditions impose stress on the mind and body.

Stress indicators and mental health

Typical stress indicators can be dizziness, feeling bloated, unable to sleep, anxiety, pain in joints and muscles, weight gain, weight loss, low mood, anger, sudden crying fits, rage, fast heartbeat, shaking hands, feeling disassociated, and more.

Notice how physical and mental symptoms appear together. The ultimate symptom of stress is death. So this is a genuinely serious problem for everyone.

If any of these issues are effecting you and you would like to seek professional help, please reach out to me and it would be my pleasure to help you through your problem. If you wish to book a starter therapy session over zoom, you can do so by visiting the website shop.