Self confidence or lack of self esteem can quite often be associated with a series of personal beliefs that we have built up over time, perhaps a very long time. These internal doubts can talk to us in someone else’s voice- maybe a parent, a teacher or a bully from school.

But these are just beliefs. We learn new beliefs all the time, which means that we can unlearn old ones.The reality of course is that we can do anything, there are many, many stories of people achieving the impossible. Key to their achievements is always an internal belief that success is possible. Timeline © therapy can isolate the root cause of those beliefs so that we can isolate them and change them.

NLP shows us how our inner beliefs are revealed by the way that we language ourselves, and this then allows us to challenge that dialogue. It also gives us a wonderful tool known as the Circle of Excellence. It is a technique that is very easy to learn and once learned can be used anytime and anywhere. How amazing to have such an empowering tool at your fingertips. Or in this case, under your feet.

EFT can also be very good in creating positive states of mind that will break through any limiting beliefs that we may have. These positive states can be created by tapping and with the Sanctuary Meditation process. The Aspects model from EFT helps us to isolate that aspect of you with the limiting belief and change it for the better.

As we rebuild our self confidence, we take on new tasks, and when we do, we succeed of course and that means we can tackle even more challenging tasks. After all, nothing is impossible.

A self-confidence tip:

TOP TIP: If your lack of self confidence is around your personal appearance, do something about it. Now you may be overweight, but you can buy smart clothes. Ditch the baggy tops and trousers, buy yourself new clothes that fit and make you look good, and throw away all those clothes you are going to fit into ‘one day’. Buy yourself an expensive perfume or male scent, get a haircut and go outside feeling like a million dollars.


As a result of my sessions with Philip Gowler, my sense of self-confidence has increased and this has greatly improved my ability to effectively present to an audience. Thus I achieved the outcome I hoped for.

What went best was starting the presentation and for once feeling confident presenting it! There were of course still some nerves; but I was able to use them to my advantage. The Circle of Excellence and other similar mental images were very useful

Mr AC of Oxfordshire

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