Sometimes we may suffer trauma or series of traumatic events that are so powerful they resonate through us and seem to become almost part of our daily lives. These events can be from our childhood but also from any recent powerfully negative event.

Significant trauma can build limiting beliefs within us and a desperate lack of self confidence. The effects can be debilitating, and create behaviours within us that can lead us to hurt ourselves and/or hurt those around us.

Helping with trauma can be a difficult process, and a painful one. Nevertheless, trauma sufferers are usually content to handle the pain if they are able to find resolution. This process may well include a significant amount of Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy and a very excellent technique from EFT therapy.

The solution may well come in stages. So for example, the first stage may be that we work on changing the effect of the events on our daily life. They may well still sit there in the past as nasty memories, but we can still then get on with our daily life in a better state of mind.

The second stage then would be to reinterpret those memories so that we can shrink them and start to look forwards into the future instead of backwards. I have successfully taken a client through this process, but it is a very specialist therapy, so it may be that we can ease your problem enough for you to take it to a specialist and move on.

In this particular case we travelled back to the event in a visualisation and changed the nature of it so that it changed the effect it had been having and lessened its impact considerably. Please never attempt this on your own unless you have a professional with you or helping you.

If you would like to seek professional help, please reach out to me and it would be my pleasure to help you through your problem. If you wish to book an online therapy session over zoom, you can do so by visiting the website shop.