Privacy and GDPR statement for Phil Gowler trading as WoodleyNLP.

For the purposes of this statement, Phil Gowler is responsible for Data Management at WoodleyNLP.

This statement is dated 9th April 2019

Business cards and networking.

  • If you give me your business card at a meeting, it is reasonable to assume that you have done so in case we can do business together, so I will add you to my contacts list. When you receive a newsletter from me, you will always have the option to unsubscribe.


  • I occasionally send out a newsletter by email. This always has an unsubscribe option.
  • My mailing list is made up of business contacts and individuals who have contacted me and so provided contact details because you want to work with me in some way, or have an interest in what I do.

Digital security

  • All my digital data is password protected.

Physical security

  • Paper files are kept in a locked filing cabinet, I am the only keyholder

Therapy clients

  • I will keep information on therapy clients, this is because there may come a time when investigating authorities may need access to my data for specific and legally acceptable reasons.
  • I may also need to refer to old files if a client returns.

Data that may be collected by WoodleyNLP:

  • Hand written therapy notes
  • Emails about therapy and therapy enquiries
  • Text messages and similar between therapist and client
  • Business cards
  • Contact details
  • Spreadsheets (CRM) containing name-address-phone number-email-company name
  • Mailchimp list based on the CRM

Any enquiries, please contact Phil Gowler at