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Anxiety and Covid

Anxiety may be increasing because of Covid. I hope these thoughts help you if you are suffering. You are not alone! My PDF may help

COVID-19, Mental Health & Anxiety

Traditionally, mental health has always been the poor relation when it comes to funding. If this situation does not improve, the consequences of Covid-19 may echo down future years for some time to come.

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Anger Management

As a therapist I probably see around 30% of my clients for anger management issues. This is no great surprise. Life for many people these days is not easy. If …

Anxiety busting tips. You CAN do it!

Here are my anxiety busting tips. Anxiety can be beaten. Prevention: Meditation- every day. This one is pretty much compulsory, it WILL make such a difference. You can do the …

A Testimonial, In Detail

Testimonials are important to all therapists. I thought it would be useful to deconstruct my most recent and one of my best testimonials. This person came to me in distress and we worked through several processes and ideas. They didn’t feel we had made much progress, but I persisted, until one day, not long afterwards, we made a huge leap forwards.

The value of meditation

I’m sure you’ve heard people extol the virtues of meditation. You may be skeptical of the claims that it helps with all aspects of life. But, the truth is, it …