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My thoughts on historic abuse cases.

Historic sex abuse: some questions answered. Historic sex abuse seems to be in the news a lot these days. To the extent that people seem to be asking questions such …

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Are inspirational quotes doing you any good?

Well this may seem an odd question, the internet is awash with inspirational quotes. We are being told by inspirational speakers that we should surround ourselves with inspirational quotes. Preferably …

A Testimonial, In Detail

Testimonials are important to all therapists. I thought it would be useful to deconstruct my most recent and one of my best testimonials. This person came to me in distress and we worked through several processes and ideas. They didn’t feel we had made much progress, but I persisted, until one day, not long afterwards, we made a huge leap forwards.

The value of meditation

I’m sure you’ve heard people extol the virtues of meditation. You may be skeptical of the claims that it helps with all aspects of life. But, the truth is, it …