Phil completely changed the way I viewed therapists. He listens attentively but also has a range of brilliant and leading-edge tools to help overcome challenges. He has the perfect balance of being professional whilst being very human and compassionate. I felt completely at ease with him from day one. He is generous, caring and very talented. I’m very grateful to him and am so glad I found him. Thank you Phil for everything, you are second to none.

Mrs S, Wokingham. Anxiety and Relationships

Phil Gowler is one of those rare therapists who is also a real human being. He goes the extra mile for his clients and he is really flexible and individual in his approach to therapy. You feel respected and liked, and that your well being and healing is really important. If one approach doesn’t work, Phil will use another tool from his expansive therapy tool box.. And Phil can see gems in you that you probably cant see in yourself. Phil is friendly and warm and very caring.

Mrs B, Reading. Stress and distress

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil and undertaking a course with him, where we used NLP and Timeline strategies, to shift stubborn, negative attitudes and beliefs. It was different to previous approaches and I have adopted these strategies in both my personal and professional life. Phil is attentive, affable and insightful, a pleasure to work with.

Mr J, Wokingham Relationship issues 2017

Phil listens to what you say, supports you but enables you to go on your journey of discovery of you, who you are and what made you the way you are. I have been having a bad week this week and needed someone to sound off. so I called Phil to arrange a time, he listened to everything that needed to come out and then did a stress reliever EFT on me. feeling much better now. Thank you Phil.

Miss J, Stress 2017

Wendy Beresford after EEFT course 2016

Tracy Morrow after my EEFT Foundation course in 2016

Phil offered to work with me on the nerves I get from public speaking. We worked through a few different techniques, including EFT, which I have to say was the most successful of everything we tried! Phil really puts you at ease and explains what the techniques entail before you go through them, so you’re comfortable with what you are doing. I would thoroughly recommend a session with Phil.

Mrs H. Public speaking anxiety

I had never seen a therapist before Phil so I didn’t really know what to expect or even have exceptions really. His combination of empathy, strength, patience, compassion and insight have helped me find the tools within me to put me back on the right path. I’d lost my way a little and needed to be reminded who I am and what I can achieve by someone outside of my family or friends circle.

Phil is supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skilfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals. I’m now on the right path and have made significant changes after my sessions with Phil.

You’ll be in safe hands if you decide to work with Phil. I highly recommend him.

Miss A. Weight loss and support

Testimonials from my EEFT Workshop 24/04/16

This course touched me today and helped me in ways unimaginable.

You were brilliant at keeping that positivity in the room

Inspiring. it will bring a new dynamics to both my job and personal life

Tapping will help to increase my energy to help me to keep a +10 business.

Found Phil an engaging trainer who allowed the course to become personal for all of us and yet stuck to the core learning required.

As soon as I met Phillip I felt at ease in his company. He is a warm, calming and a very reassuring man.

NLP was insightful, emotional, and effective. Within a week of my final session I achieved a goal that Phillip and I had set together. A goal that before NLP physically paralysed me at the thought!

I couldn’t recommend Phillip highly enough.

Mrs C. of Newbury (anxiety and fear)

I have tried a number of therapies before working with Phil but felt my session with Phil have made the most impact physically and emotionally. You have to be committed to the process but Phil is kind and supportive whilst gently challenging negative beliefs and language I used which all impacted on my well-being. After the sessions I felt like I had some strategies to help myself and this has made a difference in both my personal and professional life. I would highly recommend the services and support provided by Phil.

Mrs L (anxiety, grief and stress)

As a result of my sessions with Philip Gowler, my sense of self-confidence has increased and this has greatly improved my ability to effectively present to an audience. Thus I achieved the outcome I hoped for.

What went best was starting the presentation and for once feeling confident presenting it! There were of course still some nerves; but I was able to use them to my advantage. The Circle of Excellence and other similar mental images were very useful.

Mr AC of Oxfordshire (self esteem and public speaking anxiety)

I just wanted to say thank you for your support and insights into both my personal and working lives over the last month. I have been successfully using the coping strategies you taught me and life seems a little easier for it.

Since our last meeting when we discussed presentations and public speaking, I have definitely been more confident and feel better prepared for doing them. I know it’s an ongoing process and it will take practice, but I can already feel an improvement.

Thank you for the session on setting goals for the business, I am well on my way to achieving them and can almost taste the glory to come.

Really and truly, thank you for your guidance and rest assured, if I meet anyone that may also benefit from meeting with you, I will make you my recommendation.

Mrs ER of Oxfordshire (anxiety and self esteem)

This quote is from the owner of Newbury Wellbeing Centre, Claire Bushell. On April 18th 2015, we held an Open Day at the centre and I held a workshop on the Circle of Excellence. One of my clients, Julie Armstrong, was very pleased with the work I did. Claire Bushell posted this comment in Facebook:

According to Julie, Phil is ‘God Personified!’. She really enjoyed both the Circle of Excellence workshop and the NLP talk he did with particular emphasis on goal setting.

Claire Bushell – Newbury Wellbeing Centre

I came into the sessions with a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve, the end result is exactly what I wanted. I feel I have now got the tools to change the way I think about food, lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, and I feel as though my previously negative ways of thinking have gone.

I am slightly nervous about managing to maintain this way of thinking, but with the tools such as the Circle of Excellence and also by looking at my future goals on the timeline I am confident that I can overcome this and succeed.

Mrs HS of Newbury – Weightloss

This is an update I received from Mrs HS of Newbury

I am 6 weeks into it and have lost 8lbs, so am half way there! I’m visualising the goal every day and totally confident that I will reach it as planned.

At first I was apprehensive about having therapy but it was a rewarding experience and I am very happy with the outcome.
Phil has helped me to believe in myself and given me the tools to help lead me to a positive and successful future.
Over the three sessions I was set tasks to achieve which I never would have dreamed of doing before therapy. I achieved every single task and it was a great confidence boost.
As a result I now feel good about the future and will continue to push myself and stick to my SMART goal.
Phil is a caring and understanding person who see a positive side to any situation and he motivates you to become a better person. I would recommend him to anyone!

Miss KS of Reading- poor self confidence that was really affecting her life. The change in her over just 3 sessions was a joy to see.

I decided to seek help to remove my long term battle with anxiousness which meant I was guarded and negative in social situations.

Meeting and working Phil helped me massively- Phil is a kind and genuine nice guy.

During treatment it just felt like I was having a chat with an old friend however I knew it was working when a situation arose which would normally stop me being the person I wanted to be, something had changed I was able to speak/chat and fell positive about life!

The timeline therapy took me back and to a point in my life when I was making choices negative or positive – by going back this far I was able to remove the unhelpful feelings for good ones.

I can’t thank Phil enough, I feel I can take on the world (in a nice way) and be positive in doing that

Mr RW of Newbury- low social confidence, inability to talk to others in a social setting.

I have a very high opinion of Phil both in terms of his knowledge and also his personality.

Regardless of the difficulty of some tasks Phil has always been very positive in his approach and has a ‘can do’ attitude, which is great as it gives people belief in him and what he is trying to achieve. His enthusiasm has really helped in challenging situations where he has had to change the mind-set of individuals or groups.

I would just like to add that Phil has a great personality and sense of humour, which creates a good atmosphere. to work in. He has an ‘open-door’ approach which is a real positive.

Mr GL, High Wycombe

This testimonial is from a recent series of courses I have been running to support people being made redundant. The course was observed by Carol Hillaby, Project Manager, BFAWU, this is her feedback:

I really enjoyed your session, I have never known 4hrs to go so quick!! What you cover is really good and I think you are equipping people with a good knowledge and helping to calm their nerves. Well done.

Carol Hillaby BFAWU, 2nd April 2014

This testimonial is from Gemma Brisco, Clinical Educator at the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading. I have been providing the Talking Therapies students with my feedback and support regarding the Talking Therapy process:

You were brilliant, there was a lot of good feedback from the students, we had a lot of verbal praise , students stated they found it really interesting to hear about your experience and useful to be able to ask you questions.

Gemma Brisco, March 2014

Hi Phil,
I just wanted to write and say thank you. Since our session I haven’t wanted ice cream at all. I feel totally liberated.
I will be recommending you.”
Thanks again.

Miss HL (craving for ice cream)