I have included some brief information here about some of the therapies that I use. Sometimes clients like to specify that they want a particular type of therapy. I don’t mind that, but I find that once we start working together, the best therapy options soon become apparent.

So every client will get a special blend of therapies and techniques to suit their needs. I would very rarely use just one, we are after all quite complex creatures and one size does not fit all, or even one for that matter.

I am happy to discuss the various therapies in more detail, and I quite often run workshops where you can learn more.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

 NLP is devoted to discovering how to think, and communicate effectively with yourself and others. It gives us the tools to unlock our minds and free them up, it has been used for many years now not just as a therapy but also as a way to coach success in all walks of life.

NLP draws on best practice from a wide range of disciplines such as psychiatry and psychology, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, life coaching, linguistics, counselling, and education. NLP can therefore provide a variety of solutions and techniques which makes it a very flexible and proven therapeutic solution.

Timeline© Therapy

Timeline© Therapy was part of NLP but has been expanded into a separate therapy process by Tad and Adriana James.

When asked to think about how we perceive time, we tend to mentally see time as a line, with our past on one side and future on the other, and ourselves standing in or near the Timeline in the ‘now’.

If you have negative emotions or beliefs now, then there would have been a specific time in the past when we acquired that emotion or belief, which also means there was a time when we didn’t have it. By allowing our mind to travel back before the emotion or belief was created, we can let go of it, and in so doing we can actually see that negativity removing itself from the timeline right up until the present. Imagine how empowering it would be to let go of years of anger!

Timeline© therapy is also excellent for setting goals. If we place a future goal in our timeline and make that picture as vivid and sensory rich as possible, it will create such an impression on our unconscious mind that we will not only work towards that goal consciously, we will do it unconsciously. Therefore we are much more likely to succeed.


My hypnotherapy is based around the hypnotic language patterns developed by Milton Erickson. It is one of my favourite therapies. By using hypnotic language the therapist relaxes the client, the client being aware all the time of what is going on and fully able to stop the process at any time.

During that relaxed state, the therapist can talk to the client’s unconscious mind and ask it to help or ask it questions in order to solve the clients problems.

This type of hypnosis is not used in isolation, it just one tool available amongst the broad range of tools within NLP. In fact, much of NLP is based on hypnotic language patterns, so it is woven throughout both NL P and Timeline© Therapy.

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an exciting therapy aimed at removing blockages in your internal energy system, allowing your energy to flow more freely which will help you cope with physical and mental illness. It provides you with a technique that you can use at any time, in any place to help you in situations where you may feel uncomfortable and in need of support.

It is also a well known therapy for supporting people with chronic pain and PTSD, and being a physical as well as a talking therapy, some find it more helpful than just sitting and talking. Therapies can be very diferent, but ultimately they all do the same thing.

In addition to the above I also use EMO, Transactional Analysis, and that greatest therapy of all- Life Experience!

Men’s Health

Men have real problems talking about their physical health, much less their mental health. It’s often seen as a ‘weakness’ or a failure. But guys, if you don’t talk about it, at best it won’t go away, at worst it will get worse, until the day arrives when you really have a desperate need. So come and talk to me and we’ll see what we can do.

I can help with:

Erectile dysfunction – this can have a physical cause, but often when the cause is treated the problem remains. The same goes for premature ejaculation. Pills, like Viagra can help, but can have unpleasant side effects, and they are not cheap.

Anger – or even rage, fuelled by testosterone. We used to need testosterone back in the days when we had to hunt and kill wild animals, but in our modern age it gets in the way. Men tend to be the principal parties in road rage or unwanted aggression.

Sex/pornography addiction – not only confined to men, but is probably more widespread in them. This kind of behaviour may have started in a very low key way, but can quickly get out of control and can cause distress for the man who feels addicted and trapped, and also for his family if it is discovered.

Alcohol misuse, gambling, smoking – unwanted behaviours and habits that are attributed in the majority to men.

Body image issues such as weight loss – men tend to be in denial about their weight, but it seems that most weight loss programmes are almost entirely designed for women and when you do go to a class, quite often you may be the only man there.

Stress – men believe they must be the main breadwinner, the support for the family. So they work hard, long hours, taking more and more stress.


If you would like to know more about any of the above topics and methods, please reach out to me and it would be my pleasure to help you through your desires. If you wish to book a therapy session over zoom, you can do so by visiting the website shop.