NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is devoted to discovering how to think, and communicate effectively with yourself and others. It gives us the tools to unlock our minds and free them up, it has been used for many years now not just as a therapy but also as a way to coach success in all walks of life.

NLP draws on best practice from a wide range of disciplines such as psychiatry and psychology, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, life coaching, linguistics, counselling, and education. It can therefore provide a variety of solutions and techniques which makes it a very flexible and proven therapeutic solution.

So what can NLP do for me, specifically?

By challenging and reprogramming your internal thoughts, it can change your beliefs and therefore your behaviours. NLP can help resolve emotional issues such as unwanted anger, anxiety, stress, even depression.

NLP can also remove phobias, help you lose weight, and stop smoking.

Just as importantly, it can install in you positive thoughts and behaviours. So you can face interviews calmly and clearly without anxiety. You can stand up in front of your boss or a group of your peers and deliver a killer presentation that will accelerate your career. You can sit important exams free of overpowering stress and tension, and achieve the grades you have worked for.

It has been around for quite a while now, and has gained general recognition as a therapy technique. It has however been misused as well and is regarded with suspicion by some. This is understandable, it is the basis for books that may have titles like ‘How to pick up girls’ or ‘How to sell anything to anybody’. NLP used therapeutically is not about brainwashing. It helps you see that there are alternative ways to interpret your world, and this gives you freedom to move on.

NLP frees you up to be strong, confident, powerful, energetic, and above all – in control.