Timeline© Therapy was part of NLP but has been expanded into a separate therapy process by Tad and Adriana James.

When asked to think about how we perceive time, we tend to mentally see time as a line, with our past on one side and future on the other, and ourselves standing in or near the Timeline in the ‘now’.

If you have negative emotions or beliefs now, then there would have been a specific time in the past when we acquired that emotion or belief, which also means there was a time when we didn’t have it. Our unconscious minds work symbolically, so by allowing our mind to travel back before the emotion or belief was created, we can let go of it, and in so doing we can actually see that negativity removing itself from our timeline right up until the present. For example, imagine how empowering it feels to let go of years of anger!

Timeline© Therapy is also excellent for setting goals. If we place a future goal in our timeline and make that picture as vivid and sensory rich as possible, it will create such an impression on our unconscious mind that we will not only work towards that goal consciously, we will do it unconsciously. Therefore we are much more likely to succeed.

Our journeys up and down the Timeline are not undertaken under hypnosis, it is a conscious journey. Everybody is different, so some people may see their Timeline as different to others. An average Timeline has the past on the left and future on the right. Some people see the line in front of them, some are actually standing in it. For some the past or present may be going off at an angle. There is no right or wrong, although the nature of the line will influence my approach.