What a year!

What a year!

What a year indeed. It’s been a huge year of changes for everyone. For some it has been a year of desperate sadness. This awful illness has forced change upon us, whether we wanted it to or not. In fact it has accelerated certain changes, particularly in the area of online communication.


I hadn’t heard of Zoom in February 2020, but right now I am conducting almost all of my business on it. I have gradually learned some of its techniques, sometimes because when kids are using it they know so much more than me, and will patiently attempt to teach me how to use it!

Face to face

As a therapist, I had believed that face-to-face was the only way to conduct ‘proper’ therapy. I now know that isn’t true, I have been conducting highly successful Zoom sessions for a year now, and in some ways it is better than face-to-face because I can use interactive materials, or online resources that I wouldn’t be able to have with me in a therapy room.

Even better service from me

So ‘What a year’ has actually changed my services for the better:

  • I can offer sessions that potentially can be more interactive and more resourced than before.
  • No travelling to therapy rooms for either the clients or myself, saving time, money and lowering emissions.
  • Clients have more flexibility to choose timeslots that suit them.
  • From a disease transmission perspective, it is much safer.
  • Clients are in familiar surroundings and consequently are more relaxed.
  • Clients now have the reassurance that it is much easier for them to stop a therapy session if they wish.
  • Putting services online allows clients to use online payment through my website, which is safer and easier than carrying cash around.
  • I now provide FREE information sheets for anyone to download.
  • I don’t need to book therapy rooms that may already be in use by other therapists, so I have much more freedom of choice too.
  • I don’t have the restriction of just attracting local clients. I can now work with anyone, anywhere in the world.

I am really excited by the possibilities of online therapy. So excited in fact that I am very happy to offer a £20 deal for your first hour of therapy. All you have to do is pay online and I will be in touch so that we can agree a day and time that suits us. Quick. Easy. Safe. Secure.

I very much look forward to seeing you soon!

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