Anxiety busting tips. You CAN do it!

Here are my anxiety busting tips. Anxiety can be beaten.


  • Meditation- every day. This one is pretty much compulsory, it WILL make such a difference. You can do the Sanctuary meditation and/or include a positive word to meditate on, which can include you visualising how you are going to use that positive power today. It is my number one tip for anxiety busting.
  • Push your comfort zone. If all you do is 1% more every day, in a year you will be 365% better than you are now. That’s an amazing thought. If you can do more than 1% then by all means do it. Now this can be painful, but each success builds confidence and destroys anxiety.
  • Yoga (or similar exercise). Yoga is more than just exercise, it will help you breathe, it will help you ground yourself and it will both relax and energise you.
  • Positive diary- fill at least 50 pages and you will be amazed just how well you cope with life and how many successes you have. Every success no matter how small is a victory.

First signs of anxiety:

  • Talk about yourself in the third person. This allows you to step outside of yourself and be objective.
  • Use a simple meditation of telling yourself to breathe in and breathe out. It’s quite easy, just with each breath in and each breath out, visualise the commands ‘Breathe in’ and ‘Breathe out.’ It keeps that annoying monkey mind busy.
  • Control your breathing so that you breathe from the stomach, and also count the breaths, ensuring that the breath out lasts one second longer than the breath in.
  • Have a look around you and ask yourself is there is any cause. Don’t forget that anxiety is a natural response in situations where we may be unsure of ourselves, and that is perfectly normal.
  • You are human, and humans aren’t perfect. Be kind to yourself, if you get anxious it won’t kill you, so let it come if you can’t stop it. It won’t kill you. Be like a tree that bends in the wind.

Panic attack:

  • Use the re-breathing technique, only for 15 to 30 seconds at a time.
  • Turn and face it. Observe your feeling, notice how the anxiety comes and goes in waves. Let it come. An average panic attack only lasts 9 minutes if you surrender yourself to it.
  • Let it come. Do not repress your emotions, let them out. Even if you have to run off to the loo, or sit in your car, let them out.
  • Remember, panic attacks do not kill you. You can carry on working even in the middle of one. I know, because I’ve done it! And when you do, THAT is a huge victory. Anxiety busting is possible. It can be hard at times and it can take a while, but it does happen.

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