Coming soon-The Horrors of Communication Breakdown.

The rain was coming down so hard it was almost like driving through a waterfall. Susan could barely see the road in the darkness despite the wipers thrashing across the windscreen at their fastest setting.

She felt rather than saw the dark opening to her left, and slowly turned the car, splashing in the ruts in the road as she drove between the gate pillars that loomed through the blackness.

Ahead of her was the building, a dark, squat shape that lurked in the gloom, like a monstrous toad sitting silently beside a pond.

As she brought the car to a halt, she felt a tightness rising in her chest, and her hands began to shake. The central heating in the car was on full but she still shivered.

Something didn’t feel right, and the snake of panic rose in her chest, tightening her throat. She swallowed nervously, wondering whether she should get out of the car, or turn around.

The rain was drumming hard on the roof of her car, booming in her ears and the car headlights just reflected back off the rain, blinding her and she cursed loudly as she tried to pull her car keys out of the ignition and dropped them at her feet.

This sounds like a horror story.

But it’s not.

This is how some people feel when they arrive at work, because for several reasons they have attached powerful negative emotional feelings to their place of work.

Maybe they are unhappy in their job, perhaps they have a boss who frightens them, or a difficult client they dread talking to. There could be many reasons.

But if we could help Susan remove all those negative emotions, so that her place of work just became a building again, made of concrete and glass, then her happiness, enthusiasm and productivity at work would return.

Would you like to learn more?

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