Investing in therapy

Investing in therapy is investing in your mental health.

This post is inspired by a conversation I had recently with Nicola Landless (Humanistic Counsellor at Newbury Wellbeing Centre).

We were discussing how some people are prepared to spend huge amounts of money on short-term fixes for their mental health.

For example, have you ever heard anyone say ‘Oh, I need some retail therapy!’. So going out and spending money makes us feel good. For a little while. Like having our hair done, our nails painted, buying the latest gadget, the newest computer game, a new car, a motorbike and so on. All of this money is spent on a short term good feeling that fades away very quickly.

But when it comes to our mental health, we wait, and we wait, and we let our problems build up, until suddenly our life is unbearable and we are desperate.

Instead of wasting all that money on retail therapy, why not use a fraction of it to support and strengthen our mental health?

Let me give you a simple example: having your nails painted can cost you about the same as a one to one therapy session. Group sessions like yoga, meditation, EFT and so on can cost as much as a coffee and a sandwich.

And instead of feeling good for a day or two, a bit of an investment in your mental health could have you feeling good for LIFE. Now that’s a bargain!