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“I have tried a number of therapies before working with Phil but felt my session with Phil have made the most impact physically and emotionally. You have to be committed to the process but Phil is kind and supportive whilst gently challenging negative beliefs and language I used which all impacted on my well-being.  After the sessions I felt like I had some strategies to help myself and this has made a difference in both my personal and professional life. I would highly recommend the services and support provided by Phil.”

Mrs L

This lovely lady has a highly important job along with all the stresses involved and she also had issues letting go of her grief for loved ones. We did 4 sessions, 3 with NLP and Timeline© Therapy and one of EFT. We created a brilliant metaphor for her grief, she stood on the edge of an impossibly high cliff, surrounded by her lost family and friends, who smiled at her and hugged her as she threw bricks over the edge of the cliff symbolising her grief. It shows that you can let go of grief without letting go of the memory of that person.