Can you afford to avoid thinking about Wellbeing at work?

Can you afford to avoid thinking about Wellbeing at work?

Apparently not and here is why…

In the latest edition of People Management Magazine (November 2016, page 51), there are some recent statistics on ill-health in the workplace:

  • The average cost of absence is £554 per person per year. The private sector is highest with and average of £789.
  • Sickness absence costs the UK economy £8.4bn per annum, and £2.5bn to replace staff who have retired due to sickness.
  • 93% of employers recognise that there is a link between employee performance and health, yet only 13% of employers are measuring their wellbeing outcomes.
  • 24% of UK workers have experienced symptoms of work related stress in the path month, yet only 2% of those have reported them due to FEAR
  • 35% of all work ill-health is caused by STRESS

(Fit for work? Virginia Matthews, People Management pp48-52, November 2016)

There are many steps that individuals and companies can take to alleviate this epidemic and establish a realistic and effective Wellbeing strategy. By the way, this does not have to be expensive. There is growing evidence that workers doing just 6 hours a day are more productive than those working much longer hours.

In Sweden this is already happening:

“The eight-hour work day is not as effective as one would think,” according to Linus Feldt, the CEO of Filimundus.

“To stay focused on a specific work task for eight hours is a huge challenge.  In order to cope, we mix in things and pauses to make the work day more endurable. My impression now is that it is easier to focus more intensely on the work that needs to be done and you have the stamina to do it and still have the energy left when leaving the office.” 


 How does this compare to the culture in this country, where some sectors demand staff work very long hours quite often for poor wages?

Is it any wonder that more and more people are becoming disabled during their working lifespan?

Working long hours is NOT productive, it is NOT healthy, it COSTS MORE and it is IMMORAL that in our modern times we are still enforcing Victorian working conditions in so many workplaces.

HOWEVER, you do not need to despair. All around the country, more and more Stress Management Facilitators are being trained, and they have the modern, future-proof skills to help you embrace a new age where your staff will be happier, enthused, and more productive.

I am one of those MSM facilitators.

In addition to 30 years of corporate experience in HR and Learning and Development, I also offer my in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and communication gained by my experience as a personal Therapist and Coach.

You will find me knowledgeable, experienced, skilled, and totally focused on getting the best from your staff and creating a culture of Success.

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