EFT – my early impressions

I have started to use EFT now and I must say, it is really impressive.

Here is just one example:

I regularly hold Chilled Out Chat Days at the Newbury Wellbeing Centre. Just for people to pop in and chat about this and that, and therapies of course. Last Wednesday two lovely ladies came in and we tapped on the word ‘Hope’ and what hope means to them.

For one lady, ‘Hope’ meant her daughter who suffers from dyslexia, and this makes her mother angry because of the stigma against dyslexia. And yet her thoughts of her daughter Hope are just so warm and loving. So we used those warm feelings to push the red rage out of her chest and fill her with calm instead of anger.

The other lady had chronic pain in her foot and hand. So we tapped on dissolving the feelings of pain and letting them wash through her body and out. In about ten minutes of EFT, the pain in her foot had gone and the pain in her hand had gone down by about half.

EFT is incredible at removing internal blockages, because as they move, the emotion associated with the blockage evolves, until ultimately it goes altogether.