EFT is a tool to remove blockages from the Energy Body, it is a treatment method that deals with the Mind, Body and Spirit. We are all energy bodies, and for that body to work properly, energy must flow through it. But we can create blockages inside that body which restricts good energy flow and can lead to problems.

EFT is known as ‘Tapping’ because sometimes in EFT we tap on key meridian points in the body to loosen and dissolve blockages and allow a good energy flow. When energy body stress is released, people can become calmer, more reasonable and rational.

EFT recognises that negative emotions create physical stress, yet these emotions have no physical cause. So removing that stress helps a person leave a negative emotion behind and become far more resourceful, powerful, lovable and capable than they were before.

But it’s not just about the negatives, Positive EFT is an excellent way of installing powerful and positive resources within us. These resources can be used in many ways from establishing a confident state of mind to a way of managing pain.