What a year!

I am really excited by the possibilities of online therapy. So excited in fact that I am very happy to offer a £20 deal for your first hour of therapy. All you have to do is pay online and I will be in touch so that we can agree a day and time that suits us. Quick. Easy. Safe. Secure.


One of our biggest causes of anxiety, fear, grief and even anger is that we live in a world where we have the illusion that we can control everything. We can’t. We want the world to stay the same. It won’t. Change is inevitable, in fact it’s constant, we just don’t tend to see it, but small changes happen every day.

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My thoughts on historic abuse cases.

Historic sex abuse: some questions answered. Historic sex abuse seems to be in the news a lot these days. To the extent that people seem to be asking questions such …

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Anger Management

As a therapist I probably see around 30% of my clients for anger management issues. This is no great surprise. Life for many people these days is not easy. If …

Paranormal Language

Paranormal Language. What is it? Well, it’s not talking to ghosts. It is simply the ability to construct language and metaphor in a way that links the unconscious mind to …

Repressed memories

Repressed Memories: Our unconscious mind tends to look after us, most of the time. Should we suffer a traumatic event that we can’t resolve, it will bury it for us …

Weight loss with NLP and Timeline© Therapy

I am now helping my third client in recent months with weight loss. The process is the same as most NLP therapies and will involve Timeline© Therapy. Why? Because Timeline© …