Is there a difference between fears and phobias? A phobia tends to be a specific fear such as a fear of spiders, or flying. Depending on how much of a hold the phobia may have on you, it can be a quick fix but it may take longer. Phobias can be distressing because they may appear to be irrational, nevertheless if they are interfering with you enjoying your life, they need to be dealt with.

Fear is a strong primeval emotion. It is necessary, we need fear to survive, but of course the problem that some people have is that they are in the grip of fear for no apparent reason. Fear can be distressing because we worry about what the future is going to bring, in other words we worry about something that hasn’t happened and quite probably won’t happen. And then, just to make matters worse, we start to worry about whether we are going to worry!

There is an excellent and simple technique to remove fears and phobias in NLP that is usually very successful. Timeline therapy© can be also incredibly successful in removing unwanted fears and phobias from the past and at the same time removing it from your future. We can also look at fear using EFT, in particular the Aspects model. Fear quite often comes from a self belief that is holding us back.

TOP TIP: If you have a phobia around spiders for example, seek out a local pet shop or enthusiasts club who can talk to you about spiders and help you understand them more. Close your eyes and see a picture of a spider in your mind, then see all the irrational fears you have attached to that spider, as if they were like labels and gradually peel the labels away until all you have left is just a spider, a creature that does a wonderful job of pest control both in your house and garden, and is absolutely essential to the ecology of the planet.

Phil offered to work with me on the nerves I get from public speaking. We worked through a few different techniques, including EFT, which I have to say was the most successful of everything we tried! Phil really puts you at ease and explains what the techniques entail before you go through them, so you’re comfortable with what you are doing. I would thoroughly recommend a session with Phil.

Mrs H, Berkshire

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