Your Problem is My Passion

I am a therapist based in Berkshire, I also work online and I have clients in other countries.

By working together we can help you understand, control or even eliminate a wide spectrum of psychological issues. But that’s just half the story. Once the negative stuff has been removed, it can then be replaced with positive self beliefs, a strong sense of direction and powerful goal setting for the future.

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil and undertaking a course with him, where we used NLP and Timeline strategies, to shift stubborn, negative attitudes and beliefs. It was different to previous approaches and I have adopted these strategies in both my personal and professional life. Phil is attentive, affable and insightful, a pleasure to work with.

If you want to book a starter therapy session over zoom, you can do so by visiting the shop. The therapy topics that you may wish to discuss are listed below.


Fact. Anxiety can be awful. You may hear experts describe it as ‘Low Level’. This is nonsense, especially if suffered over a long period of time.

Fact. It can be beaten. It is not a sign of weakness or failure. It is in fact just a natural physical response that is happening at times when we don’t need it.

Self Confidence

Lack of self confidence is very frustrating and can hold us back from enjoying life and taking advantage of opportunities and important events. It can commonly be the result of negative core values that we have accumulated over time. We may need to dig into the causes of these before we can move on.


An addiction may be described as a habitual behaviour that has negative consequences. This could include smoking, gambling, alcohol abuse, eating problems, internet addiction and so on.

I like to think about addictions in quite simple terms: an addiction is a behaviour that fills a hole where affection should be. Addictive behaviour starts when love is lacking, it is a cry for help. Let’s work together and provide that help.


There are many awful aspects of depression. When you are  depressed, for you the future doesn’t exist. It is like a dark hole that contains nothing.

However we can work at putting that future back. This can be done in many ways, using a variety of techniques, but it can be done.


Anger is a powerful survival emotion. The issue that many people have with anger is that it can come out in situations where it can be dangerous for themselves and others. A lot of people who struggle to control their anger say that it worries them because for a moment they lose all control and act without thinking.


Let’s start with a strong statement: stress kills.

Work related stress is the biggest cause of staff absenteeism and can result in enormous payouts to sufferers. But although we tend to think of stress as work related, it can be caused by all sorts of problems, it is like a dam that fills up with water, with no way of letting it out until it overflows or bursts under pressure.

There are however many ways to de-stress…

Life Coaching

Are you stuck? Need to change? Fed up with a dead-end career? Or maybe you are stuck in a domestic situation that just isn’t working anymore. Life Coaching is a great way to open up possibilities you may have never thought of. And it’s no shame to ask for a coach, we cannot always see the obvious for ourselves.


Relationship therapy covers all relationships, so it will include relationships between friends, colleagues, and of course partners. Relationships can break down for a variety of reasons, sometimes the solution can be fairly simple, sometimes complex. But a failing relationship can be heartbreaking and damage others around you, such as children, so getting help is the sensible thing to do.

people hugging


Serious traumatic events can have long-term impacts on us. They are like giant echoes that resonate from the past in waves and they sometimes don’t seem to decrease in volume or power.

Now we can’t change an event, but we can change our beliefs and interpretations of events so that they can rest in the past and allow us to move forwards. This may be a long healing process but it is not impossible.