Stress is a fascinating topic, but there is no doubt that stress can cause a wide range of physical and emotional problems, ranging from the mildly annoying to death.

There is currently an argument in therapy circles between those who say that some stress is good for you, and those who say that no stress is good for you. This is because conventional knowledge of stress is based upon a model that was developed early in the 20th century by observing laboratory rats. Some now contend this is no longer a valid basis for a proper psychological model.

It can even be said that all emotional issues are symptoms of stress in your energy body. I like to think of it as a dam. All dams have sluices at the bottom, outlets that let the water out in a controlled way, so the dam doesn’t overflow. When we get stressed we can’t let that stress out quickly enough, maybe because we aren’t doing anything to release it. So the dam overflows and may even collapse altogether.

There are ways in which we as individuals can learn to relax, to do the things that give us positive energy, and to get active. In some cases, helping clients is quite often a life coaching solution, because people find themselves in situations that are beyond their control and where they struggle to make it through the day. Try to do whatever works for you. I would always recommend meditation as a fantastic stress release technique, which also has many other benefits psychologically.

Because stress can be so dangerous, a good employer should have a decent Wellbeing programme in place. I can advise and support Wellbeing in SMEs and corporats and I am a qualified Modern Stress Management facilitator.

TOP TIP: This is an easy one! Do yoga. Yoga is amazing, it is exercise combined with relaxation, meditation and breathing skills. Yoga is brilliant for stress relief, and it can be done by anybody. There is no competition in a class, you just go at a pace and level that works for you.

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This course touched me today and helped me in ways unimaginable.

You were brilliant at keeping that positivity in the room

Inspiring. it will bring a new dynamics to both my job and personal life

Tapping will help to increase my energy to help me to keep a +10 business.

Found Phil an engaging trainer who allowed the course to become personal for all of us and yet stuck to the core learning required.

Testimonials from a 2016 stress management workshop