Private therapy- not only can be free, it can save you money!

Private therapy free? Really?

Actually, this blog has been entirely inspired by a recent client. He had come to me with various issues, his principal ones were that he wanted to stop drinking alcohol and reduce his consumption of caffeine drinks. He also wanted to develop a healthier lifestyle.

As a client he was amazing, he threw himself into all his homework and sessions and went way beyond what I expected him too. He stopped drinking, cut down on his caffeine intake and rode his bike to work instead of driving. The only downside was that he was sorted in just 3 sessions! So I lost a bit of income, but I really don’t care, he was a pleasure to work with.

At the end, he told me that I was worth every penny (£205). In fact, I had saved him money. Because he had saved money on alcohol, caffeine drinks, and petrol. So he was feeling much healthier and had more money. This of course got me thinking.

Most clients come to me for about 6 sessions. That will cost you £410 (at today’s prices).

Suppose you come to me and stop drinking? Or stop smoking? That will potentially save you around a thousand pounds a year.

Suppose you came to me because you lack self confidence and can’t get the job you want? If we sort that, you could end up earning thousands more a year than you do now.

If you came to me needing business coaching, working together, we could improve your business ten-fold.

Maybe your anxiety is stopping you from getting a job, maybe your anger is about to lose you your job, maybe your depression stops you looking for work…I think you get my point.

And what price can you put on a saved relationship? Or a saved mind?

All of this makes my £410 look minimal. Even too low. Seriously though, if you come to me and we improve your life, you won’t just feel better emotionally, this better and more positive state of mind is highly likely to improve your work and career life too, and that means more income.

If the engine on your car went wrong in a big way, the bill could be very high, but you’ll pay it because you need your car. What I charge is small in comparison and yet has a lifetime benefit.

So is private therapy free? Well, yes. It can be.