Unwanted anxiety is the most common mental health condition, but it can be worked on, controlled and even removed. Together we can help you find relief from anxiety.

Anxiety is bloody horrible isn’t it? It can seem to surface from nowhere and bring with it a range of disconcerting physical symptoms. It’s certainly not trivial, and it can end up controlling where you go and what you do. Spoiling your life in fact.

Some anxieties can be quite specific, such as anxiety about public speaking, or exams. They are usually quite easy to deal with.

What can need deeper therapy is the kind of anxiety that pops up regularly and won’t go away. Quite often we try to run away from this sort of anxiety, or repress it. Neither of this will work and in fact they will just make it worse.

For deeper held anxieties we can use NLP. This is a powerful talking therapy that looks hard at the way you have learned to understand and observe the world around you. Sometimes those beliefs are the cause of our anxiety and we can work on looking at those beliefs with fresh eyes and challenging them. It is quite possible that your anxiety has a root cause that we can find and reprogram.

So deep therapy may provide anxiety relief, as can meditation and daily affirmations using EFT for example. And although it goes against the grain, confronting your anxiety and daring it to do its worst will actually help, and will shorten the duration of an anxiety attack. Many people use a distraction technique such as wearing a rubber band around the wrist and snapping it so the pain distracts. Concentrating hard on a complicated task can help, as can doing something active that requires conscious thought.

TOP TIP: If you feel an anxiety attack coming on, look up, and if possible, say out loud all the things you can see, in great detail. If you can’t speak out loud, then just think the words in your mind. Then describe what you can hear, feel, smell, touch and taste. Be as detailed as you can. This technique gives the ‘monkey mind‘ something to do other than make you anxious.

Here is a client testimonial from a lady suffering so much anxiety she could not do her job:


As soon as I met Phillip I felt at ease in his company. He is a warm, calming and a very reassuring man.

NLP was insightful, emotional, and effective. Within a week of my final session I achieved a goal that Phillip and I had set together. A goal that before NLP physically paralysed me at the thought!

I couldn’t recommend Phillip highly enough.

Mrs C. of Newbury

As well as helping with anxiety, the techniques I use can also help to deal with fears and phobias.

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