Positive EFT for powerful states of mind

On Tuesday 1st March at the Haven Wellbeing Hub in Wokingham I will be hosting a one hour workshop on how to create positive states of mind using EFT.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a powerful and wonderful way to create positive states of mind using tapping- rhythmic tapping on the key Meridian points in the body. This opens up the body to improved internal energy flows which in turn allow us to become more and more open to positive states of mind.

There is little doubt that we are all beings of energy. How else can we form tight and close emotional bonds with others? We even speak in energy language- ‘I felt a real buzz as soon as I walked into the room’, ‘As soon as our eyes met I felt a tingle go through my body’ and so on. The existence of meridian points as key routes for energy within the body has been known for thousands of years and has now been proven using MRI scans. Acupuncture depends for its success on these meridian points, and acupuncture certainly works with pain relief, healing and also with emotional issues.

EFT as a science has been around about 30 years, and has been developed and refined as a therapy technique since then. It is used by many around the world as a therapeutic technique and also as a way of creating powerful states of mind. It is very much an energy therapy but it does involve talking as well, so in the hands of a competent practitioner it can be very powerful.

What sort of words can we tap on? Well, potentially the list is endless, so long as they are POSITIVE and relevant to you. For example- Money, Happiness, Sexuality, Joy, Wonder, Caring, Compassion, Success, Professionalism and so on.

We always start in the Heart and Soul position, hands crossed over the chest, and take three breaths. This is an excellent way to calm the mind and allow our present stresses to settle down so we can concentrate on the task in hand. Then we start gentle and rhythmic tapping on the meridian points and say what we want out loud: ‘Today I am going to be Strong and that means I will stay focused on what I need to do, I will make decisions, I will not allow myself to be distracted…’ and so on. Do three rounds of tapping and check how you feel.

There is of course more to it than this, so to learn more and book your place, follow this link-