Self esteem case study

Self esteem cast study.

This young lady came to see me because she was concerned about the lack of direction in her life, and lacked the confidence and self esteem to make a change.

So we tackled her self esteem. She was working for a well known supermarket, and had been for some time. She felt that she lacked confidence dealing with customers and other members of staff.

There is where NLP comes in useful, in allowing me to challenge her beliefs, which is what I did. Here are some of the key points that we uncovered:

  • She has never been under any kind of disciplinary sanction.
  • She has been there over two years.
  • She has to work wherever she is sent. So she has worked on the tills, on the shop floor, in the warehouse and so on.
  • Despite her apparent lack of confidence, she is able to interact positively with staff and customers.

So her lack of self confidence is clearly a Belief and most certainly not a Fact.

So we moved on to her future. I asked she if she had any hobbies. She said yes, she liked fashion design and had already done some of her own work, so I asked her to bring it in. It looked good. My challenge then was ‘If this is what you love doing, why not go and do it?’

When I saw her for the third time, I was fairly sure that she was going to tell me that she hadn’t changed anything. Was I wrong!

She had joined a gym, also joined a local amateur dramatic society and was going to perform in a musical, AND she had enrolled at a local college to do a full time design course, as well as keeping her job on part time.

That is a huge change. A change that we achieved after only 2 sessions.

It just goes to show that beliefs can be changed dramatically and quickly sometimes. It also shows how limiting and damaging our self beliefs can be. It is always worth challenging how you think.