How EFT can enhance pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy is of course a wonderful time, but does come with extra cares and worries, so what can therapies like EFT do for you if you are pregnant or maybe trying for a baby?

The first is Relaxation. Relaxation is especially important if you have been trying for a baby for a long time, or once pregnant you are getting sleepless nights or anxiety. The EFT technique I use for relaxation is a technique called Sanctuary Meditation. It is a way of finding your Safe Place, a place where you are safe, relaxed, comfortable, and fully protected. It does have a more serious use in EFT therapy, but as a relaxation tool in pregnancy it is wonderful.

The second is Positive Moods. These are also critical if trying for a baby, but again, once pregnant, EFT can help you feel really positive, powerful and in control. Your state of mind during pregnancy can influence the baby, so it is quite important that mum stays as happy as possible. This would be achieved by teaching you how to tap Positive EFT, to create positive states that will carry you through the low days and enhance your experience. Using EFT during the birth process itself could only be beneficial and may even transform the experience.

Thirdly is Pain Relief. Using what I call Therapeutic EFT, you can use tapping to gradually dissolve and remove pain. This cannot of course be guaranteed, but the process is a tried and tested one, and even if the pain can’t be removed, it could be made more bearable. This does not really apply to the birth process itself, BUT in combination with hypnobirthing, and powerful and positive support and comfort, EFT can be a useful tool in making the birth as wonderful as possible.

There is a huge amount of evidence now that making the pregnancy and birth process as relaxing, comfortable, stress free and empowering as it can be not only helps the birth, but also helps the baby arrive in this world in a relaxed and loving way. This may well be hugely beneficial for the physical and mental health of both baby and mum.