Timeline© therapy- releasing your inner strength

Timeline© Therapy is an integral part of the NLP therapy process, and it is amazingly helpful at removing the negative effects of anger, sadness, fears and phobias, guilt, hurt, anxiety, grief- indeed any negative emotion or belief that has built up over time and is now really making your life miserable. It can also be used to remove those self limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m no good, I will never succeed, every time I try this I fail’, and so on.

So it can even be used for weight loss, because a lot of people struggling with their weight will say that they can’t lose weight because every time they try, they fail.

I love using it, not only because it is so effective, but because usually at some point in the therapy process, the client says or does something that tells me they are going to succeed. Sometimes these moment are almost jaw dropping, and what is really critical is that it is the client who is healing themselves, using the power and strength of their own unconscious mind. All I do is open the door, and show them what is inside, they are the ones who step through.

Let me give you an example. I was doing a clients’ Anger on his timeline. When I asked him to tell me what he had learned from watching his anger in the past, he said ‘Forgiveness’. This is an incredibly powerful word. Forgiveness frees you from the shackles of the past, it allows you to drop your burdens and look to the future. As soon as he said that, I knew he would be OK. I didn’t prompt him to say it, I didn’t push him in that direction, he just came out with the word.

I love those moments, because I can see the calm and happy expression on the clients face, I can see their relaxed body language, and I know, for absolute certain that they will be fine.