Positive EFT session about ‘Transformation’

The video attached here is from my Periscope broadcast and is a 10 minute Positive EFT session, tapping on the word ‘Transformation’.

The principles of Positive EFT apply to any positive state that you wish to enter and maintain, so just change the word or phrase to suit your needs. EFT works, I use it personally and I know that it works, just from my own experience, plus the experience of my individual and corporate clients.

When you start tapping, for the first round just repeat the word/phrase you are tapping on, but then in subsequent rounds of tapping explain what that word/phrase means to you and why you want it. Say what is going to happen when you get it and how important it is to you. Try to speak out loud, if you do, your unconscious mind is much more likely to take notice and give you what you need.