Holiday stress blog

Of course we all think that our summer holiday is going to relax us, don’t we? After all, holiday stress just doesn’t happen, does it?

We have been looking forwards to it for months. So it had better damn well relax us.
All that planning, all that hassle, all that expense. No way it’s going to fail.
Everyone is going to be happy…or else.
Now where are the passports?
I’m sure you had them…
Don’t blame me, I didn’t have them last…
If you put everything away they would be in the proper place.
Have you really looked?
Did you leave the gas on?
Is the front door locked?
Which boarding gate is ours?
Why do I have to take off my belt and my shoes?
Where can I get a drink?
Kids, stop doing that.
Why do the aircraft wings wobble?
Oooh the plane is bouncing a bit.
I need a drink.
The kids are going to behave themselves aren’t they?
Are we there yet?
Another wee drinky I think.

And there won’t be any damn problems, because this is our well-earned holiday and it MUST be perfect.

Especially if I have another drinky-poos…

No wonder holidays are a major source of stress.No wonder people start drinking as soon as they get to the airport. It’s a deliberate attempt to relax or else.By the time we unwind from that lot, the holiday is over and time to come home.

So here is a novel idea.

Relax BEFORE you go.

START your holiday relaxed, give it a try.

Learn to relax WHENEVER you need to.

Your holiday is NOT the time to start thinking of relaxation. It will NOT remove all your stress. What is the point of being relaxed for just two weeks a year?

Let’s learn to relax EVERY day.