Empowering and Energising your Relationships Workshop.

Empowering and Energising your Relationships, the secrets of successful communication. A toolbox workshop of simple yet powerful techniques to help YOU get the most from relationships and conversations.

Have you ever tried to have conversations with others whether loved ones or maybe work colleagues and no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to agree?

Do you find that others always seem to get what they want when they talk to you, while at the same time you feel frustrated because you can’t seem to articulate your thoughts and get them across?

Do you find that simple conversations with others can escalate into arguments very quickly?

Or maybe you struggle in formal situations such as interviews and annual appraisals, so that you don’t say what you want to say and you leave feeling frustrated and powerless?

Worry no more, because Nic and Phil will show you some simple skills and techniques that can be easily learned that will change your relationships so that they become positive and proactive, being both empowering and energising.

This is a 5 hour workshop at the Newbury Wellbeing Centre, during which you will learn:

  • How to understand why we sometimes react negatively even during simple conversations, how to spot that and how to prevent it.
  • How to identify the hidden games that we play during conversations and how to avoid them.
  • Simple techniques to build rapport with others.
  • How to listen critically to others so that you can understand and if necessary challenge them successfully without creating a negative atmosphere.
  • How to language yourself so that you can talk persuasively.
  • How to appreciate and understand the other person’s point of view, to change conflict into co-operation.
  • Understand yourself and you will understand others.

Workshop runs from 10am to 3pm

Date: Saturday 29th October

Price is £99, with an Early Bird discount to £75 if you pay before 26th September

The Early Bird discount is brilliant value for money and cannot be discounted further.

Deadline for all payments is 22nd October

If you wish to reserve a place (places are limited), please contact Phil Gowler 07764859618 or Nicola Landless 07789930271

Payment will be by bank transfer please, other methods by arrangement.

Could you afford not to learn these tools? Empowering and energising all your relationships can be life changing. Get more from all your relationships whether at work or home, or anywhere.