Modern Stress Management blog

I am now, finally, a qualified Facilitator and Trainer for the Modern Stress Management programme. This is an amazing course and contains many powerful and useful techniques to not only relieve stress but conquer it and move on. Here are some of my favourite parts:

People can find amazing strength and motivation in all the many things that inspire us, and which can be a huge source of inspiration when we need it. Stress is though a sign that things within us are not right and need to be sorted out. There is no such thing as good stress. This is still believed by many, that some stress makes us strong, but all stress builds up until we are in emergency mode, which damages us physically and mentally.

A top quality goal and powerful sensory visualisation actually empowers us to move towards it, and it gives us energy, so that the picture we have put into our future timeline will pull us towards it almost without effort.Using the MSM Stress Chart tool is immensely powerful in building a ladder of goals and success so that we can move from a negative state to a positive one.

The MSM Leadership model is that everyone in the team must be empowered and energised to become leaders. This creates a transformational team that transcends the normal tasks and becomes much more. As individuals grow, so the team grows exponentially, providing strength to all members. With training and experience we can create positive relationships with others or within groups that are powerful and energetic, creating dynamics that look forwards with positive intent.

At the centre of ourselves, our team, our business is our Values and Morality, and this is the source of power and strength for all the teams and individuals.In business, many companies have Values statements. But is this their heart? Quite often, the reality is different from the statement and their business has a broken heart and will start to fail. So rebuilding that heart will rebuild the people.

Do what you love doing, understand yourself and appreciate others, this will generate enthusiasm and success which will feed on itself and grow.If we empower ourselves and others, not only will we achieve success, it becomes logically the only thing we can do to achieve the success we deserve, and so anything becomes possible. We learn how to find energy all around us so that we become what we want to be, to not only dream the unimaginable, but achieve it too.