New for this year- Positive Focus Workshops


New for this year are my Positive Focus Workshops. These will be all day workshops from 10am to 4pm.

So what can you get from the day?

Relationship problems: most of us at some time in our lives have relationship problems. And these can be very distressing because quite often we find ourselves arguing over small, petty things that just seem to explode into huge disagreements. There are a few simple tools that can make an enormous change that you will learn on the day.

Stress: we could really write a book and more about stress! On the course you will learn how to recognise and control your stress, even eliminate it from your life. This will also include work on understanding the behaviour of others and how to turn a stressed mind into an energised, positive and happy one.

Motivation: if you find yourself lacking motivation and maybe unable to set and achieve what appear to be simple Goals, we will work on your motivation and learn an excellent and vibrant goal setting technique

Unwanted behaviours and thoughts: we will explore the use of EFT to remove those thoughts and behaviours that can trouble you and sabotage your best efforts to improve yourself

Want more from life and work: we will learn how to understand how we tick, which will help us understand and influence others to get more of what we need from life and work.

This will be quite an intense, but also very positive and exciting day. Only £65, but I will have early bird discounts advertised as well as vouchers available.

Courses will be held at:

Haven Wellbeing Hub 19th January 10am to 4pm. Follow the link to book and pay or call me 07764859618

Newbury Wellbeing Centre 30th January 10am to 4pm. Follow the link to book and pay or call me 07764859618